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It’s Time To Wake Up – We Are All One

There is more than just our material universe. Our universe is consciousness. The basis of all is the Unified Field which is pure consciousness, pure abstract being, pure intelligence. When we can connect on that level we can become a peaceful world.


We Are All One

On my last birthday my wife gave me a book titled “The New Revelations” by Neal Donald Walsch,This is a continuation of his series of books that are a conversation with God. I had read Walsch’s first four or five books but had lost touch with him lately.  I started reading the book when soon BANG! It hit me like a bolt of lightening, we are going about this journey we call life the wrong way. Listen to this:

“Life is a decision conveyer.  It conveys to the world the decisions that you’ve made about yourself.  It tells people what you’ve decided about who you are, and who they are, and why you are here, and why you think they are here, and what life itself is about.”

“These decisions have greater impact than you could ever guess.  They touch people in ways that go far beyond what you might have imagined.”

“Yet it does not begin by trying to change the world.  It begins by seeking to change the self.  Change the self and your inner world changes.  And when your inner world changes, the outer world that you touch changes, little by little.  And when the outer world that you touch changes, the world that it touches changes, and the world that it touches.  Outward and outward and outward this spreads, like a ripple in a pond.”

“You may think that people do not look to you, but they do.  More people than you know.  Everyone, in fact, whose life you touch is touched by your example.  You are giving them data about life.  You are telling them how it is, how things operate, how things are, and they will emulate you, they will copy you, they will take your data into their world and make it a part of their own lives.” 

So who will be touched by you?  Your family will!  Your friends will? Your church members will!!  Your co-workers will!!  Your neighbors will!!

And this is precisely where we have gotten off track. Let me ask does the external change the internal or does the internal change the external?  Does a person change and grow from the inside out or from the outside in?  Does the outer world make a better man or does a Man make himself better inside and then change the outside world for the better?

Religions today are out trying to change the world, trying to get noticed by the works they do for others, trying to make a good person by what he does not what he is. If we want to capture the hearts and minds of society then we must first capture our own hearts and minds.  We need to turn this whole thing inwards not outwards.

Let me ask you another question.  What do we call ourselves as people?  I mean the furry animals running around our houses are called dogs or cats.  What are we called?  That’s right human beings!  We are human beings not human doings!  A human being is about being human not doing human.  Current spirituality is all about doing.  It seeks to change the world first with community action and big PR and then hopes some of those good works rub off on the character of others.

But we have the cart before the horse. Spirituality is introspection.  It is building the spiritual Temple within.

Theologian Dr. Kenneth Boa said this:

“Being and doing are clearly interrelated, but the biblical order is critical: what we do should flow out of who we are not the other way around.  Otherwise our worth and identity are determined by achievements and accomplishments, and when we stop performing, we cease to be valuable.  When people answer the question ‘Who are you?’ by what they do, the world has a way of responding, ‘so what have you done lately?’” *(4)

Once again the words of Neale Donald Walsch:

“When what you are doing is a reflection of what you are being, rather than an attempt to create what you wish you were being, you will know that you have produced lasting change in yourself.  This is what produces lasting change in the world.”

“Remember what was said earlier.  You cannot do peaceful, you can only be peaceful.  You cannot do loving, you can only be loving.  You cannot do unified, you can only be unified.”

“Seek, then, to shift your state of being.  Do not seek first to change the world, seek first to change the self.”

“When you achieve that, your actions will automatically change.” 

———-INAGAPE, your message for today