The Scientific Case For God

In our last of a three part series on the nature of reality we explore where this all leads us. Where do we come out in the end?

For too long there has been this fake tug of war between science and religion. In this unreality, science is supposed to be the enemy of religion, scoffing at the existence of a higher Being, a Deity. But the real war has been between those, who in the name of science, proclaim an objective reality – a materialistic world uninfluenced by the thoughts or will of humankind – and those that see humankind as having a say and influence over the world they live in all overseen by a Creator and Sustainer.

Having looked at the evidence of science we have seen that our world is pixelated; everything we see can be reproduced by lines of code in a computer. But this pixelated basis is just a choice of potential possibilities that only assumes definite form when it is observed. But who is the programmer and where and who is the computer?

We have now come to the final conclusion, that our world is a virtual reality. It is a simulation. But the question remains who is the simulator?

The answer is that the universe is a simulation in a mind. And this all powerful, all knowing super mind, this ultimate simulator, is God. And that we have postulated this consclusion using science not faith. Looking at the latest advancements in Quantum Theory we have been able to demonstrate that it is basically a case of mind over matter – in reality matter that does not really exist outside of the observer. That would be you.

It is your world, then. Make of it what you would like to see.



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