Quote To Ponder

I am rereading a book for the second time because it has been too many years since I read it the first time. It is always amazing to me that many bemoan the divisions within the Church today. They seem to intimate that way back then…that the Church was of unanimity. For now I offer this quote. Next post we will reveal the book and author.

“During the second and third centuries, however, there was no agreed-upon canon – and no agreed upon theology. Instead there was a wide range of diversity: diverse groups asserting diverse theologies based on diverse written texts, all claiming to be written by apostles of Jesus.”

“Some of these Christian groups insisted that God had created this world; others maintained that the true God had not created this world (which is, after all, an evil place), but that it was the result of a comic disaster. Some of these groups insisted that the Jewish scriptures were given by the one true God; others claimed that the Jewish scriptures belong to the inferior God of the Jews, who was not the one true God. Some of these groups insisted that Jesus Christ was the one Son of God who was both completely human and completely divine; other groups insisted that Christ was completely human and not at all divine; others maintained that he was completely divine and not at all human; and yet others asserted that Jesus Christ was two things – a divine being (Christ) and a human being (Jesus). Some of these groups  believed that Christ’s death brought about the salvation of the world; others maintained that Christ’s death had nothing to do with the salvation  of this world; yet other groups insisted that Christ had never actually died.”

“Each and every one of these viewpoints – and many others besides – were topics of constant discussion, dialogue, and debate in the early centuries of the church, while Christians of various persuasions tried to convince  others of the truth of their own claims. Only one group eventually ‘won out’ in these debates.”


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